Holy crunk, I have school tomorrow. What a bullshit vacation. I guess some highlights are my new-found interest for D.Gray-man anime, and my friend's annual New Years sleepover. But that's always fun. We played Soul Calibur 3 forever! I even got to make a character... she sorta reminds me of Tsunade. She's got the Gambler's outfit on and the leg wrap/tape on her thigh and these sexy stringed boots and a kitsune mask. After trying out all the weapons, I've concluded that my character works well with the super spiffy steel fan that is blue and has fire tips or something. Snazzy.

I noticed that 2007 is full of symbols! Well, two. First, it's the year of the boar! That calls for an Ino fanart, ne? Damn straight, it does. Also, it's the 7th year of the second millennium! I hope SE7EN  exploits that an releases an album on July 7, 2007.

And I didn't come up with any resolutions! Quick! Must brainstorm!
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love in winter

aw damn...

Shoot~! I forgot to post on my birthday! And now I have late fanart. D:

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Aside from that, my Thanksgiving break was great! I saw Borat on Friday.
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And Saturday was devoted to birthday/Christmas shopping. Got myself an American Eagle vest, PINK (by Victoria's Secret) sweater, and two pairs of Old Navy skinny jeans. The sweater is surprisingly warm for being produced by an underwear company. And who knew Old Navy had great stuff? I sure as hell didn't. I wanted to get a new iPod because mine is slowly dying after 2.5 years of life, but they're expensive.

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EDIT: I nearly forgot! AMV Comedians 8 is up! I love the Jay and Silent Bob intro piece, the "Santa Claus" skit and "Punani" skit the most. Everything fits so well! Not to mention that the AMV is also hilarious, as usual.
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My poor birthday went down the drain. u.u And it didn't even happen yet.

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I want to draw a birthday pic for Rock Lee (and myself, duh &hearts). I hope my scanner works.

Anyway, in other news, I enjoyed the recent manga chapters of Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist.

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And now for a pic. :D (Credit = http://www.zomgfta.com/)
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By the way, does anyone know if there's any Ouran Koukou Host Club manga available? It's damn near impossible for me to find!
love in winter

Candy High~!

I would've written this yesterday if RCN wasn't being so schizo. Blah.

1) I didn't get egg'd! Mostly because I stayed away from the delinquent side of town. Those twats.
2) I acquired a lot of candy from only two and a half streets! My favorite so far is the one that looks like an eyeball. (I'll post a picture later.)
3) I was dressed like a ninja! ANBU, to be exact. Head protector and everything. I almost looked like Ino~. &hearts
4) The weather was warm for late October!

And best of all...

I saw a guy dressed up as ANBU Kakashi! I called out to him loudly from across a street and totally embarrassed my friends, but so what? When do you ever get to see Kakashi trick-or-treating?

So yes, I'm nearly 17-years-old and I still trick-or-treat. But hey, nobody is too old for free candy. ♥

26 days until my birthday!

Neji can Run It!

I really wanted to add this to the NejiTen festival, but... it's pretty irrelevant.

Is your MAN on the FLOOR?! XD

EDIT: No, I didn't make this video. But if I had the idea and the material, I totally would. :F~
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love in winter

First Post

nejiten inspired me to join. The festival and such...

Actually, I wanted to quit being a creepy lurker. Nobody saw that.

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I should be doing my homework... And then get ready for dance class... D:
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